Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Zan Barnett

The Plan:

My goals for this semester are to assemble and refine my portfolio, while collecting/creating all the other necessary things to complete graduate school applications. Ideally, in January I will be sending off 6-10 impressive applications to various schools around the country (outside of Utah). If all goes to plan I will be starting the Graduate Program at University of Washington in Seattle (my first choice) in the Fall of 2013, but based on scholarships and affordability, I am open to relocating and adapting anywhere.


Alexander Barnett
1148 N. Northfield Rd. #56 . Cedar City, UT 84721 . (801) 573-3957 

2012 BFA in Graphic Design, Southern Utah University, Cedar City, UT 84720

Work Experience:

Design/Illustration Work
May 2012 - Present
Clients Include:

Sigma Nu Fraternity, Reno Chapter
 • Logo and T-Shirt design
Park Meadows Country Club, Park City, Ut
 • Brochure design and layout
SoleTender Incorporated, Cedar City, Ut
 • Logo, business card, flyer design
Spartan Tactical, Cedar City, Ut
 • Logo, business card design
Ed Graham Productions, Northbrook, Il
 • Illustrations for a series of children's books
"Salt Lake Matters" KCPW Radio, Salt Lake City, Ut
 • Logo design

Graphic Designer
Southern Utah University Student Association
Cedar City, UT 
Sept. 2010 - Present
 • Publicity and Branding for school events: logo and poster design, newspaper layout
 • Deadline oriented, fast paced position. 

Marketing/Advertising Chairman, Graphic Designer
Sigma Nu Fraternity
Cedar City, Utah
Oct. 2008 - December 2011
 • Logo design, poster and flyer layout, branding events


May 2012 - June 2012
Merryweather Studios
Cedar City, UT
 • Focus on brochure design, branding, photography, and multimedia projects.


• "Through My Eyes" Disabilities Gallery, Southern Utah University, December 2011
• 2011 Southern Utah University Annual Show-Off 
• 2010 Southern Utah University Annual Show-Off
• 2009 Southern Utah University Annual Show-Off

Relevant Skills:

 • Adobe Creative Suite (All Versions)
 • Product Photography 
 • Critical Thinking/Communication
 • HTML/CSS Coding


Jay Merryweather
Merryweather Studios, Cedar City Ut.
760 . 900 . 9574

Jeff Hansen
Graphic Design Professor, Southern Utah University
435 . 592 . 9521

Maggie Hyde
Director of Publicity, Southern Utah University Student Association
801 . 856 . 9853

Portfolio Pieces:


I still have a few projects that I would like to re-shoot before I compile my portfolio, some that I have included here and some that I still have to track down:
These include:

Book of Poems
Kanye West, and Case
Ampersand Display
"There is No Excellent Beauty"

Graduate School Action Plan:

Week 1:

I compiled a list of my top ten graduate school choices/ideas so far, based on location and program. I will be narrowing down my options based on further research and cost later. For now, my options are:
University of Washington
Temple University
Otis College of Design
Domus Academy
York University
Virginia Commonwealth University
University of Illinois Chicago

 also I emailed Jay and Jeff requesting letters of recommendation. 

Week 2:

Every graduate school application requires some Artist statement (although the requirements for each vary slightly) so I wanted to solidify my statement quickly so I could easily refine it for each application I end up sending out. This week I finished my first draft of my statement and gave it to Jay for revisions. 

I also laid out framework in inDesign for my hardcopy of my portfolio. My website has been pretty much solidified at this point, I am just continually adding content to the template. 

After more research, my list has grown smaller, my choices are now:
University of Washington
Virginia Commonwealth University
University of Illinois Chicago
Temple University

Week 3:

This week I finished up my artist statement with Jay. Now I just have to individualize and add to it each time I apply to schools, but I have a solid foundation. I also filled up my website with all the allowed projects so I upgraded my membership which gives me my own domain,, and lets me upload as many projects as I want. 

I have begun to fill up my print portfolio as well, and have started planning how to present my final product. 
I sent emails to UW, VCU, UIC, and Temple requesting more information, catalogs etc. . 
I think these will be the first schools that I apply to. 

Week 4:

Since I have decided which schools I want to send my first round of applications to. I have begun to compile a list of all the requirements that I need to assemble before my applications are complete. This week I updated and tailored my artist statement to be sent to UIC and UW. As soon as everything else is in place, I will have those sent off. 
I'm anticipating sending out applications before Christmas because I'd like to get in contact with these schools fast and explore possible scholarship and financial aid opportunities. 
This week I also compiled my 20 best images of work to send to schools, most applications require 20 images submitted to Slideroom online. 

Week 5:

This week I filled up and printed my print portfolio, it is trimmed and ready for completion, I am still thinking of how I want to complete and present it. I have also compiled my 20 images on a CD for the art department. 

I received catalogs from UIC, and VCU in the mail as well, and have been laying out the pros and cons of each of my options for schools. 
Additionally, I refined two more artist statements to send off, and also have started to fill out the online application for University of Washington. I should have that application completely ready to send off by the end of the month.

Week 6:

I completed my print-portfolio this week. I created a hand-made book cover, and bound the pages together inside. I'm happy with the final result but I know with some practice, I could make the cover and binding a little cleaner.
I have also decided for sure that in addition to UW, and University of Illinois-Chicago, I will for sure be applying to VCU and Temple University as well.

I have talked with my mom, and we determined that she will help me take care of any application fees I'll need when I start the process.

Week 7:

This week I revisited my website, and added images, changed a few descriptions, and updated the "about" page. I want to make sure that the way I present myself is perfect before I open myself to be seen by the programs.

I also completed my Capstone project this week and hung it up in the gallery, I'm so excited to finish it and be able to not only add it to my portfolio, but also free up some space for finishing preparing all my applications.

Week 8:

This week was a little more of a lazy week for me because of Thanksgiving and my birthday, but I did manage to shoot product shots of my Capstone project, edit them, and post them to my website. I was really pleased with how it turned out and think it looks great displayed on my website.

Week 9:

After the break, I got back and turned up the heat on this application process. I created a spreadsheet which details each schools admission materials, exact requirements and guidelines, and due dates. I also planned the next two weeks out so I can have all resumes, statements, portfolios, and letters, etc. done well before Christmas. I am planning on sending out my first round of applications by December 20th, and a few more in January.

Week 10:

This week isn't even over, and I feel pretty close to ready to send in my apps. All my resume's, statements, and portfolios are laid out, exported, and organized in preparation for uploading the files to slideroom (which most apps use) I also called the offices at UW and Temple to ask about procedures for sending in my transcripts. I will be begin filling out my online apps this coming friday.  All that is left that I'm waiting on is two more letters of recommendation, and the first step of an amazing next few years will be complete. 

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