Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Maggie Hyde

// The Plan

Since I will not know where I will be living until Spring, I plan on creating a portfolio that showcases my niche of hand-crafted design. I will apply for shows around the country rather than jobs or internships so I can include experience on my resumé without committing to an opportunity I might not be able to accept. I will research letterpress studios around the country to see what options are open in the case that I am able to relocate to a local city.

// The Manifesto

Design is a well–thought out strategy with intent.  I am a believer in efficiency, punctuality and clarity. This translates in my design through collaboration, research, and a process which works through an idea by producing and evaluating then producing again. By this process I solve problems, find answers to questions and embrace the unexpected innovative idea. I am always (at least) five minutes early. There is virtually nothing more important to me than kept promises. I design concepts, despise unfinished projects and am slightly obsessed with lists. I am more than your typical typography nerd.

// The Resumé

Maggie Hyde
6565 West 10760 North Highland, Utah 84003

Bachelors of Fine Arts, Graphic Design
Southern Utah University
May 2013
Member, Council of Public Liberal Arts Colleges
NASAD Accredited Art Program

University Letterpress Intern
Southern Utah University
Cedar City, Utah
August 2012-May 2013
Design and brainstorm incoming projects, teach students how to letterpress, organize letterpress events, managing space, people, time and resources.

Publicity Art Director
Southern Utah University
Cedar City, Utah
October 2009-May 2013
Oversee publicity of all on-campus events, create and design event advertisements, coordinate multiple event projects and schedules.  

Professional Development
Y Conference
March 2013
San Diego, California

Letterpress Lecture and Workshop with Jim Sherraden
December 2012
Salt Lake City, Utah

Letterpress Workshop with Molly Poganski
October 2012
Cedar City, Utah

AIGA Photography Workshop
February 2012
Salt Lake City, Utah

Return on Design Conference
October 2011
Las Vegas, Nevada

Professional Organizations
Member, American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA)

Technical Skills
Proficient in Adobe Programs, Macintosh Computers

// The Pictures

// The Big Break

Week 1: Put together portfolio images and uploaded them to my website. Organized files I can send to potential employers and firms. Developed a list of firms and letterpress shops across the country in cities where we might be living. I am focusing on a summer internship I can do while living in Salt Lake before we move to graduate school.

Week 2: Contacted Mandate Press in Salt Lake City for a summer internship. Sent an email and made a phone call. Mandate Press is not the ideal shop I'd like to work with, since they only use photopolymer plates and no lead type, but it would look great on my resume. They said they don't have a lot of work for interns to do (no type to sort) but they would keep my resume and that I should call again closer to the summer. They also mentioned they might need a website redesign. (I wouldn't be willing to do that for free)

Week 3: Contacted an internship posted in Riverton, Utah for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. It is for an application designer and it is a 9-5 job. Alison (the contact) told me to email my resume and portfolio. I sent my resume and portfolio along with a link to my website.

Week 4: Research schools my husband is finalizing his applications to. These include Pennsylvania State, University of Illinois, University of Colorado Colorado Springs, University of South Florida, and George Washington University. Search each city for graphic design firms.

Week 5: Sent my resume and portfolio to The Penn Stater magazine for the Art Director position they posted.

Week 6: Molly Poganski will be visiting SUU for Art Insights this week, so I am researching her and the letterpress studio she works for. I will be having dinner with Molly, the professors and a few students and will be helping with a workshop we are hosting on Friday.
I talked with Molly and she gave me her contact information and urged me to contact her if we end up living in Champaign, where University of Illinois is.

Week 7: Followed up with the intern listing at the LDS church. When I called, Alison said I should call back when I know when I will be up north in December so we can schedule an interview.

Week 8: Followed up with The Penn Stater. They filled the job, but asked if I could reapply next year when (if) we move there to see if they have any more open positions.

// The Proposal

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