Thursday, August 30, 2012

Scott Schmidt

the plan:
To create a ambitious portfolio/website showcasing an array of my work. I am graduating in December and I am looking to have have studio space in Salt Lake this spring as well as an exhibition, gallery space, and/or grant money. Along with that I would like to make connections for options and or jobs in Peru because I maybe moving there in the summer of 2013.

The resume

Scott Schmidt

Exhibits Curated by Me
The Membrane Project 
Braithwaite Fine Arts Gallery
351 W University Blvd.

1, 2, 3, and Sometimes 4
South Hall
351 W University Blvd.

Monday Evening Halloween Art Walk 
SUU campus
1, 2, 3, and Sometimes 4
The Colors of Women
Soviet Era Art :1917-1991

Works Exhibited
SUU’s Art & Design Curriculum Exhibition Braithwaite Fine arts Gallery 2012, Cedar City 
Park Silly Sunday 2011 July, August, December Park City, UT
Student Show-off Exhibition 2011 SUU Cedar city, UT
37th Statewide Competition 2011 Eccles Community Art Center Ogden, UT
Student Show-off Exhibition 2010 SUU Cedar city, UT
Zion: a creative response Braithwaite Fine arts Gallery 2008 Cedar city, UT
Student Show-off Exhibition 2008 SUU Cedar city, UT

Works Published 
Kolob Canyon Review 2012

Tetons Art Council Salt/Soda kiln build  
NCECA Seattle, WA 2012
NCECA Tampa, FL 2011

NCECA Louisville, KY 2007
NCECA Portland, OR 2006
20+1 Years of Tozan Kilns Oct. 11-14 2006 Flagstaff, AZ

Southern Utah University 
Bachelor of Fine Arts 
December 2012

Work Experience 
SUU Ceramic Studio Tech. 2012

Artist statement 

With raw materials and using my hands to manipulate clay. I have found a certain quality of life, it is an affinity for constructing and designing.  my work is to make a form, adding elements to change the surface finding a tangible attraction to the hybrid object. loading in a kiln, firing and then receiving something that will last for possibly thousands of years is exciting. I like how utilitarian ceramic pieces bring a tangible human element in the work to the user. It is an interaction that really can show the thought that was involved in the making. It is fascinating how ceramics involves some of the most primitive processes and advance technology to produce a desired outcome. 

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