Thursday, August 30, 2012

Daney L. Nelson

The Plan: I have plans on being a designer & creator for a company in Denver, Colorado, Salt Lake City, Utah or Seattle, Washington. later on in my career i would like to become an animator for a cartoon network like Cartoon Network, Walt Disney, or a video game company. For video games i would like to work for EA Sports.

The  Resume:

Daney L. Nelson
(801) 884-7316

Cottonwood High School
Salt Lake City, Utah
August 2005-June 2007

Southern Utah University
Cedar City, Utah
Bachelors of Science in Art:
August 2007-December 2012

Worked directly with the public in assisting with answering their questions and addressing their concerns at three different companies.

Karaoke Competition Fundraiser
            Digitally designed and displayed posters for a nightclub event, in order to gain publicity and help raise money to send a local singer to a national competition.

            Student Show-Off Exhibition
            Spring 2010
            Zion National Park Exhibition
            Fall 2008
            Southern Utah University Track & Field Team Member
                        High Jump Fall 2008-Spring 2011
                        Long Jump Fall 2008-Spring 2011
            Adobe Photoshop CS
            Adobe Illustrator CS
            Adobe InDesign CS
            Acrylic Paints
            Water Color


Artist Statement:
My art is based on emotion and expression. It is my version of Neverland, a place where I am at peace. My work tells stories related to my life and my state of mind. I attempt to illustrate ideas through the lens of life as I see it.
I receive inspiration through music. My style is urban, modern. Some of my work is inspired by Asian culture. I feel that culture brings a sense of true serenity to my canvas. Art has been a savior in my life. I will continue to create.

Big Break:

i've been in contacted with Steven Pearson since July 6, 2012.
i emailed him

"Good afternoon-
My name is Daney L. Nelson and I am the son of Daney Sr. who works security at the arena. I contacted you once before, back in December. First off, I want to apologize for being so inconsistent with keeping in touch. I have been busy with school and dealing with a couple personal events the past few months. 

I am planning to graduate in December 2012 with a Bachelor of Arts degree. My main goal is to work in the art media industry and I was wondering if you'd be willing to schedule a meeting with me. I visited your website and I was very interested in what you, and your company, do. I feel like I could learn a lot from your company. I've put together a digital portfolio of my work, containing digital and canvas pieces. 

I would love to talk with you and discuss future opportunities that could make me a better artist. I understand you are busy, but if you could find the time to meet with me, I'd really appreciate it. My contact information is (801) 884-7316, or you can email me at the address above. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this email and I hope to hear from you soon.

Daney L. Nelson"

he said that things were hectic and to meet up with him next week.
on August 3rd, i actually met with him. he said that he wanted to introduce me to the art director. i recently emailed him on November 1st 2012, and he told me to get in contact with him when i graduate and we'll meet up then. on November 2nd.

I've emailed Karen Yung, a former employee at EA games on November 2nd 2012. she referred me to the GM of EA games Candy. i've sent her my information and i have yet to hear from her. i remailed her on November 3rd 2012 but i still haven't heard anything.

On July 6th, 2012, I emailed Dre' Arceneaux of Arceneaux Graphics in denver colorado. things have been really crazy on both ends of the road but we've stayed in contact. i'm suppose to have a Skype meeting with him this Saturday December 8th, 2012. i'm awaiting further information.

I also have a chance to shadow a Illustrator in Salt Lake. i will receive more information when i move home in December.

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