Thursday, August 30, 2012

Kohl Harris

The Plan 
After graduation this coming spring I hope to start and or finish up my own personal design and film projects I hope to get going. I plan on staying within the state for at least a short period of time after May maybe working a steady summer job seeing as I will be more than broke. Within a year after graduation I would like to have the beginning of a studio or at least a personal business where what I've learned the past years here at school can be implemented and refined. I don't think I'll be moving anywhere to the east.

Kohl Harris
472 East 200 South, B
Cedar City, UT, 84720

Southern Utah University
College of Performing and Visual Arts
Enrollment: 2008 
Graduation: 2013
Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design

Alta High School
General Studies and Design Emphasis
Graduation: 2008

-Internship with Merryweather Studios

-Creation of informational brochure for Steve Johnson Construction
-Branding and logo design for Salt Lake City based reggae artists The Tribe of I

-Design creation for Iron Man Triathlon shirt for triathlete, Kevin Robbson

Supervisor, Cowabunga Bay Water Park 2009-2012
In charge of kitchen staff cooks including opening and closing duties and meal preparation.

Crew Leader, Godfathers Pizza 2006-2008
In charge of and responsible for work output of customer service, and cook employees.


Graphic Design Club member at Southern Utah University
Representative for Southern Utah University at Push Button conference
Student Showoff participant at SUU

Skills and Knowledge
Capable of working with both MAC and PC platforms.
Adobe Suite programs including, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Premiere, and After Effects. Experience both with both hands on physical work and digital medium.

Film, Photography, Music, Editing, Outdoor recreation

Artist Statement

As a designer and an artist, my goal above anything else is to tell a story. Through my own craft and the personal character I put into my work it is not enough to just tell the story, but to make it enjoyable and understandable. When I design I think it’s important to have something in common or a relation to the audience.  I enjoy good stories, compositions, and collaborations in both fields of entertainment and design. I feel there is a need to entertain while also informing in my work , without that I’m only providing what is needed to inform.  And while I believe that you should not need to do more than is necessary to accomplish good design, the ability to create something that is stays with you, something that’s memorable, is also good entertainment. 

Big Break
I applied for an internship at Red Olive Design. The position I applied for was in Logo Design.
Provo Craft is hiring for a position with the requirements of creating custom illustrations and art for Cricut, Imagine, Cuttlebug, Yudu and other Provo Craft product lines in a digital format.

Above is the intended layout for my print portfolio.

Kohl Harris // Artist Statement

I love good stories. More than that, I love the characters within those stories. They’re what the audience cares about and what will guide them through whatever the story may be. I look at how I design in this way. All the varied elements of design I can utilize as being their own character within a story. The story being any form or kind information I need to convey to the audience. I am able to act as the director, behind the scenes, to bring together the information and imagery required to successfully reach out to the audience and to help them understand the story or idea, whatever it might be.

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