Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Chey Rasmussen

My Plan: After graduation, I would like to get an internship at a respected and prestigious firm/studio to get some solid connections and real work experience. Preferably this work will be connected to the audiovisual industry, whether it be in advertising or entertainment. This will help me get my foot into the right doors for starters.

My Resume:

Artist Statement:

My brain has two parts, and they're pals. One part likes imagination, craft, passion, laughter, and beauty. The other part likes logic, deep thinking, technical knowledge, and attention to detail. They've joined forces to tell stories, mainly through the mediums of motion graphics and interactive presentation.
The first time I played The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time on Nintendo 64, I was enthralled by the vast scale of it and the grandeur of the quest upon which it allowed me to embark. Even more amazing to me was the fact that somebody had made and populated that world. They had imagined and then designed every part of it, allowing me, the player, to satisfy my pre-teen thirst for adventure and exploration. If others could design something that was so engrossing, why couldn't I? I had ideas that I was excited about but they didn't feel quite at home locked up in my own head. I wanted them to be experienced by other people. This desire to bring ideas to life propelled me into design.
For me, design is much more than drawing, setting type, and printing. It's also much more than understanding how to use computer software. It's a deep and comprehensive process I can use to express myself and to help others do likewise. It's a way of combining ideas into one and turning the result of that combination into a reality. Design is the way that I fulfill my lifelong desire to pull my ideas out of my head and put them where people can experience them.
I have chosen to pursue motion and interactive design more than other mediums because they maximally satisfy all of my own creative and exploratory needs; they require imaginative and innovative concepts, beautiful imagery, as well as analysis, tinkering, and learning.

The "Big Break:"

I called a Motion design studio in Portland called Cardboard Castle. They seemed happy to hear from me and we chatted for a minute. They regrettably aren't looking for junior designers at the moment, but they still encouraged me to send them my resume and website when it's all ready.

I was encouraged by a former coworker, Hyrum Mertlich, to apply at Skywest, where he works, as an instructional designer. I applied on November 1.

I had a job interview/lunch at Winger's with Hyrum's Boss, Josh Howe, on November 8. It went well. If I get the job I'll be able to fly wherever I want, whenever I want. Sounds pretty groovy.

I got an email from Skywest on November 16, asking about my schedule for next semester and hours of work availability. I haven't been extended a job offer yet, but according to Hyrum, they haven't hired anyone yet because they're right in the thick of their busiest time of year. So I'll probably hear from them when they aren't having such a crazy time.

Work Samples

Capstone Project Proposal:

I will design and put together album art and an animated video for Soleviio (Connor Riley,) a musician and electronic production and design major at Berklee College of Music.
Connor uses a Nintendo Game Boy to create music and is preparing to release an album titled “Daydreams and Dragon Kings.” The album art I create will be the official art for that album. In addition, I will create an animated music video for “The Boy Who Fought The Lightning,” one of the songs featured in the album.
To reflect the retro aesthetic and nostalgic aspect of his music, the general style I will be using in this project will be pixel art inspired by video games of the 80s and early 90s.
I have been in contact with Connor and we have discussed some ideas which are contained in this proposal.

Print Portfolio:

I will be doing two formats for my print portfolio. A larger, presentation-book style format for myself to keep handy, and a series of postcard-style prints kept inside of a classy box to give away or to leave with potential employers.

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