Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Ryan Birrenbach

The Plan:

The Plan, after graduation, is to find a graphic design job in north Utah. The location is not for sure, as long as it is in between a rural city and a heavier populated city. Struck is a great graphic design firm so they are my first choice, they will be able to open some doors for me. I have to stay in Utah for at least three years, then it's time to leave. Either California, Colorado, Hawaii, or somewhere not in the plan. Just not Utah.

Artist Statement:

Style and concept is what makes a strong graphic designer. I strive to discover a balance between rule and creativity. Albert Einstein and Shepard Fairey all found this perfect balance which is how they changed their field of study and are remembered today. To ensure my success, I use simplistic elements of design. Staying dedicated and thinking conceptually is how I achieve success in design. Whether it is the way the grip tape on my skateboard shimmers in the sunlight or the smell of a sharpie marker making its first stroke. I am inspired by everything that surrounds me and always stay open minded. By staying a creative, confident, and having a goal oriented background, I will achieve my desired success.

My Resume:

Ryan JD Birrenbach

849 Spruce St. Apt. #4 Cedar City, UT 84720

(435) 704-1436



    BFA Graphic Design
    Southern Utah University, May 4, 2013


    Internship with Widsix Brand Co.
  •         Line graphic for product prints:
            Re-imagined the company logo and combined with personal drawing style to appeal to a younger audience. The artwork was used on a variety of products from t-shirts, hats, skateboards, est.

    Graphic Designer Sigma Chi Fraternity
  •         Special Events Coordinator
  •         Fundraiser Chair
  •         Promotional Material:
            Took brand name to display fraternity ideals more effectively to public. Using a variety products to convey the message why Sigma Chi is the best fraternity on campus.       
    Graphic Designer Arrowhead Bar & Grill
  •         Logo Design:
            Was able to build a Logo to appeal to the local demographic as well as the owners personal style of art. The concept was to combine the R.V. park, Bar and Restaurant into a creative yet professional look.

  •         Poster/ T-shirt Design:
            By keeping a common theme, combining the desert life with the arrowhead logo, I constructed a poster that was able to capture the imagination of the owner and advertise all things the Arrowhead is able to offer.

    Wingers Roadhouse
  •         Dinner and Movie Menu:
            Designed a Dinner and Movie Special menu that used typographic hierarchy to sell specials.

Skill Set/ Coursework:

    Digital Imaging:
        Mastered the art of conceptual thinking, thinking and idealization to solve image/Photoshop based problems to create a product worthy of the professional world.
    Typography 1 & 2:
        Learned the fundamentals and advanced skills in typography, both conceptually as well as visually. Able to use typography and illustration to show desired message.
    Special Problems:
        Problem solve the little details and overall message intended to the viewer through proper use of illustration. Perfecting concept sketching, execution of color and blending methods, and overall appeal of the product.
    Web Design 1, 2, & Advanced:
        Able to code from scratch as well as understand the "tools"  to make production quicker. Able to problem solve any issues presented and can help others to increase production speed and teamwork.

Technical Skills:

    Mac OS X, Fluent in HTML & CSS, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, Dreamweaver, and After Effects

    Rhett Gillins - Wingers Manager/Marketing Agent
    (435) 691-4545

Professional Organizations:

    AIGA - Member 2012-present
    Sigma Chi Fraternity - Member 2009-present
    Graphic Design Club- Member 2010-present


    John Huntsman Cancer Foundation (Derby Days)
    Dog Walking for local shelters
    Blood and Plasma Donation
    Freshman Move
    Festival of Trees
    Community Clean Up
    Toy Book Parade

Professional Development:
    Art Insights Gallery 2012, 2011, 2010
    Installation Exhibition The Grind Coffee Shop

Other Employment:
    Wingers Server 2010-2012
    Aramark Maintenance Worker 2006-2008

My Big Break:

First two firms:
Contacted Riser Design Firm via email
Located in Pleasant Grove, UT

Sent another email to Riser because I havn't herd back at all since I sent my original email.

Contacted Struckaxiom via email
Located in Salt Lake City, UT

I was sent an email back from them saying they are not hiring at this moment but that I need to stay in touch. So I replied to their email.

I recieved an email from Lee Guile, STRUCK wants to set up an interview so I can meet the crew, critique my work, and just get my name out there. Looking forward to it.

Went to SLC to interview/ Portfolio critique at struck the weekend of Oct. 26. Went very well, met some designers, they liked my stuff and want to stay in contact. Also learned about a design firm called Super Top Secret. I will be applying there as well.

I sent Lee and Tosh another email because I had not herd back from them in several weeks.

Two more Firms:
Contacted Red Olive Designs via email
Located in South Jordan, UT

Sent another email to Red Olive because I havn't herd back at all since I sent my original email.

Contacted Thought Lab Firm via email
Located in Salt Lake City, UT

Sent another email to Thought Lab because I havn't herd back at all since I sent my original email.

Two more Firms:
Contacted Verite Firm via email
Located in Sandy, UT

I was sent an email back from them saying they are not hiring at this moment and it would be appropriate to send my email to a different email so it would get to the right people.

Contacted Innovation Simple via email
Located in St. George, UT

Two more Firms: 
Contacted Flitch Creative Firm via email
Located in St. George, UT

Was very interested in my work and loved my portfolio. They are not hiring at the moment but was curious about my web programming skills. Replied to his email.

Contacted  Gesture Studio via email
Located in Salt Lake City, UT

Sent another email to Gesture because I havn't herd back at all since I sent my original email. 

Two more Firms:
Contacted Innovation Simple via email
Located in Las Vegas and St. George

They replied to my email saying that they were extremely interested. They also wanted me to fill out a form with more general information and to contact them once I did that.

Called the manager per request, he is still interested in interviewing me, he needs to clear out his schedule.

Had an interview with owner of the company. Went really well and they are very interested. They mentioned "test" projects to see what I could come up with as far as "real" work is considered. Just have to wait and see what comes from this.

Contacted Super Top Secret via email
Located in Salt Lake City, UT

My BFA Proposal:

My Portfolio Work:
Link to webpage: www.ryanbirrenbach.com 

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